Behind the Mask

Versatile and Subtle Greek Paraphernalia
Discreet Greek is where you can find the professional attire to handle the business of greek & the casual attire to inconspicuously represent.
We play hard, because we work hard! We celebrate intensely because we serve immensely!  We set the example for those coming up next ....


Who Are We?

We are complex, wear many pins, carry many titles, don many robes. We are the Dora Milaje Warriors.  We are T'Challa.  We are Diana Prince.  We are Clark Kent.    The quintessential ''S' on our chest' is discreetly tucked away.  Not out of shame, but for protection.  It serves a be exposed among like-minded bring awareness to social show be aggressive, bold and sometimes disruptive. 

What makes us unique is that our pride enters the room before we let's represent the aura by looking like we deserve it.  There is absolutely a time for enthusiasm and there are also times when discretion reigns...grabs attention...provokes thought...builds alliances. 

Subtlety and Pride can thrive together.  Discreet Greek is offering that space. 

What We Offer?

Discreet Greek is an online boutique offering uniquely created greek-wear for all BGLOs. We specialize in creating items that build customer confidence by emphasizing the mantra "You Make the Clothes, The Clothes Don't Make You".  As such, we do not mass produce items, guaranteeing the exclusivity of your purchase.  

DG Collections begins with apparel for sororities of the Divine 9, launching on 1.3.19.  Fraternity apparel will be forthcoming.